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It is generally recommended that the distance from the top of the plant to the LED grow light to be controlled between 0.5m-1m. This distance not only allows the plant to receive sufficient light but also the LED grow light can illuminate a wider area.

A grow light need to meet six elements. These elements include effective, high efficiency, energy-saving, safety and reliability, long life, human-friendly, and intelligent control.

Depending on the weather, if there is sufficient sunlight during the day, you can fill in the light for 2-3 hours in the morning or evening. If it is cloudy, rainy, or hazy for a long time and the light is insufficient for a long time, it is necessary to use the fill light for a long time to fill in.

COB (short for Chip-on-Board) is an LED packaging technology that describes the mounting of multiple LED chips directly onto a substrate to form a single module. Multiple LEDs of tiny size are connected and packaged onto a single ceramic or copper plate so that they serve as the sole light source.

Compactness: More LEDs can be mounted in a smaller space, which means more output from a smaller area.

High intensity: Because more LEDs are packaged in a smaller space, so more light means more intense.

Simple design: Only 1 circuit and 2 contacts are used to power all the chips on the COB array, so reducing the number of components is required.

Lower failure rate: Quality COBs have a lower failure rate due to lower heat generation, better heat dissipation, and fewer solder points (since each chip is mounted directly on the substrate rather than soldered in place).

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blue light or full light

Can UV LED Kill Virus

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