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   The King Ding Electronic established in 1993, to afterward had the independent development productivity primarily from the early trade, accumulated the very precious management idea and the rich production experience, we in line with strove for the survival by the quality, strove for the development take the price to provide high quality, the reliable each kind of electronic part wholeheartedly as the objective for each customer.
    Started us from 2002 to devote in developing seven colored lanterns, the safflower dodged the lamp and so on, the quality stably reliable, the price had the superiority extremely, the product widely uses in the automobile, the motorcycle decorative lighting, Christmas decorative lighting and so on, the products sold in distant markets the land and Hong Kong, Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, countries and so on Iran, moreover year to year had on-hand merchandise, welcome the domestic and foreign friends to come the human to negotiate by telegram discussed that price liberally.
<dnt> </dnt>    Our products also have the superelevation brightness purely blue, pure green, pure white, pure purple, flesh color, Christmas lamp, illumination lamps and so on lawn lamp, launching tube, photosensitive tube, each kind of lamp case, LED localization column and so on. . .
    in 2006, I take charge of establish the Shenzhen clang tripod with two handles electron Limited company, devotes in pastes the piece photo tube SMD market the research and development, at present I take charge of have the entire series to paste the piece photo tube, the price have the superiority extremely, welcome everywhere new old customers to come the human to negotiate by telegram discussed!
<dnt> </dnt>    I take charge of the next step plan am must march LED the illumination enterprise, we are willing to have the capable gentleman to conspire the development, realizes our life prospect together!


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Add:1C018 Room DuHui Electronic center HuaQiang North Futian Shenzhen Tel:+86-755-833 66552  Fax:+86-755-833 66553